Complete and utter joy!


  • "In singing music associated with Judy Garland, Karen Luschar has clearly found her métier as a performer. Her voice is assured and often markedly Garland-esque....really quite thrilling." - Mark Dundas Wood, Bistro Awards
  • "What a voice! Karen has SUCH feeling for a song!" - Jerry Stiller, Actor (Seinfeld, King of Queens)
  • "Thank you for an outstanding concert, Chasing Rainbows--Songs of Judy Garland, that you presented at Lincoln Center. You sang beautifully to an extremely enthusiastic SRO audience. We received numerous compliments from all those fortunate enough to get a seat! It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to your return." - Cheryl Raymond, Event Program Manager, Lincoln Center
  • "Chasing Rainbows--Songs of Judy Garland at Lincoln Center. Packed house. C'mon, get happy! We did, Judy did, and Ms. Luschar did. We had an 'only in New York, kids' moment. Ms. Luschar brought Jerry Stiller up onto the stage. Yes, that Jerry Stiller. Later, Ms. Luschar channeled Judy by sitting at the edge of the stage and engaging the audience with a stylized version of "Stormy Weather." Then a rousing finish. I loved it." - ConcertMeister
  • "Your Broadway In My Heart concert gave the audience a real taste of Broadway right at our doorstep. It was a wonderful and entertaining evening." - Kinzer Performing Arts Center, Tonkowa, OK
  • "Your Broadway In My Heart is the best concert we've ever had here! You made so many people happy!" - Choctaw County Arts Council, Hugo, Oklahoma
  • "Delightful comments were being spoken about your performance through intermission and after the show! Everyone kept talking about their memories of Judy Garland, your powerful voice, and Richard's wonderful accompaniment. Thank you for a very special evening." - Martin Theatre, Panama City, FL
  • "What a great night it was! Each song was magnificent. Karen and Richard put on a top-notch performance and we were very proud to include them in our concert series." - Karen Rans, Green Valley Recreation, Green Valley, AZ
  • "There are voices and then there are Broadway voices, and there's no faking it. Karen's is the voice that can be developed only through a Broadway career. Karen's heart and soul resonates in each song…and boy-oh-howdy does she deliver! Her shows will touch the Greatest -- and every other -- Generation." - Terri Rooks, editor, AAA Traveler magazine
  • "You had the audience in the palm of your hand. What a wonderful show!" - Harvard Community Theatre
  • "Karen's energy fills the stage!" - Ron Biancardi, Wilsonart International Conference
  • "Your name kept coming up again and again when we polled people on who they enjoyed most last summer. Your shows were big hits, as you could tell from the standing ovations." - Robin Zaremski, Director, Musikfest, Bethlehem, PA