Amazing performance!


There are voices and there are Broadway voices. Karen Luschar has that rich, defined, and skillful voice that fills the air with excitement. With passion, panache and fun, she weaves Broadway melodies, Judy Garland favorites, 1940s songs, and great American Standards into dynamic theatrical performances. Her energetic and onstage presence has been compared to Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland and Ethel Merman and has won her numerous accolades for seamlessly incorporating her acting, singing and dancing into these shows with sparkling razz-ma-tazz and flair.

In venues of large international conferences, small concert halls, outdoor music festivals, cabarets, and a variety of possibilities in between, Karen's eight themed concerts can be presented with the following accompaniment:

  • A Full Pops/ Symphony Orchestra
  • A Band of 5-10 Musicians
  • A Musical Trio
  • Piano and Vocals


Each concert has been scored in a one hour or two hour format for flexibility to presenters. Performing Arts Center use the two hour format which includes a 15 minute intermission. A different length program can sometimes be arranged and accompaniment can be adapted for smaller venues.

Shows can be adapted or created for Corporate Events. Please discuss directly with Karen.