What a voice!

Karen's Singing For Victory Co-Producers

Karen would like to acknowledge her generous backers for this CD and the special people they are honoring.

VIP Co-Producers:

Wayne Saarela & Loretta Luschar

Thomas & Constance Pothier
WWII Honors to
Leola Hill Nelson - WAVE, William E. Nelson, Jr. - USAC Top Turret Gunner,
O. Byrl Cobb - Army, Alvin Pothier - Air Force Band

Sally & Bobby McGowan
In honor of William E. Nelson WWII/Army Air Corps
& Leola Hill Nelson - WWII/Navy WAVES

Maraman Music
Honoring all those who have given of themselves to ensure our freedom

Angel Co-Producers:

Sandra Lee Pyskaty
Thanks to our U.S. troops and happy you are home

Pyskaty & Daughters Waste Services
A thanks to our troops that made it home safely, and those recovering,
and the ones in Heaven

Vincent & Cynthia Rospond
In memory of Cousin Olga

Sarah McGowan
In honor of my grandparents: William E. Nelson - WW Army Air Corps
& Leola Hill Nelson - WWII/Navy WAVES

Cynthia Doucet
In honor of my Father, John F., who served our country in the Army

Theresa Curry
In memory of my Father and Uncles who served in WWII

Pat Hall
My husband, Col. George Hall USAF RET. Viet Nam

Greg & Tammy Frasz
John Bengtson, Sr./Marines

Ruth Spurr
To honor Coy Sonnier & Jack Spurr who both fought in WWII
and were proud to be Americans

The Honorable Thomas J. Ratcliff, USA (Ret)

Gail Mardfin
In honor of my parents, part of the Greatest Generation

Dianne Allen & John M. Drennan
In honor of Tom Allen

Alexander Krol

Janelle Condra
In honor of Dan Monfre

Special Thanks to:

John Vandertholen

Steve Glassman